Your new favourite show: Letterkenny

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It’s go time, boys!

If you love highly quotable television, grew up in a small town in Canada, or just think rednecks are hilarious just because then you’re going to enjoy Letterkenny. Many of you might remember the YouTube videos this show originated from way back in 2013. If you can watch those and not bust a nut laughing then you’re a gotdamn sociopath.

Letterkenny Katy


The show follows the concerns of a small town in Ontario named Letterkenny. Filmed in Sudbury and was created by Jared Keeso and is written by Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney and debuted just a few short months ago in February 2016 on The Comedy Network.

You’re made of spare parts, aren’t yah?

As someone who grew up in rural Canada this show really hits home for me. They get so many small town things right. Right down to the absurdly hot country girl who is someone’s sister and acts like one of the guys.

The show is incredibly clever and actually shows an odd, perhaps modern progressive side to small town folk. Like Katy and the hockey players being in a polyamorous relationship. Or everyone defending and welcoming the goth-rave kids into the group.

At first it may seem like each episode is unrelated and disjointed but as you go through them you’ll notice there’s a cohesive story being told, recurring events and characters, and a linear story progression that’s all together satisfying. One message remains clear: you don’t mess with people from Letterkenny.

Passing on this show is gonna be a hard no.

Darts out, tarps off, boys! Go check her out, eh? And if you feel unmotivated that there are only 6 episodes remember they have a small YouTube channel and it has been recently announced that the group is currently filming season 2!

If you’re caught up and really need your fill while you wait for season 2 you can always follow their Twitter account. That is a Texas-sized 10-4, bud.