Mike Tyson Mysteries! Why Have I Not Heard of You Until Now?

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Mike Tyson Mysteries! Why did I not hear of you until now?

As I was wandering about the internet, I came across this strikingly strange image.

Mike Tyson dick-punching a chupacabra in the balls.

Mike Tyson Cock Punching a Chupacabra

Mike Tyson Cock Punching a Chupacabra. Subtle.

What kind of nuttery is this? The sheer absurdity of this is something to be proud of. As an Adult Swim animated vehicle, you can expect the humor to be above the average Saturday morning fair. It’s funny how far a convicted rapist can fall so far in life, to the point where his life is a parody of itself. Tyson has struggled with personal demons for sure, but thankfully this is just the right form for me to stay interested. It’s already on its second season, so I’m definitely behind. If there was someone in real life who would ever come closest to emulating the Incredible Hulk, Tyson would fit the bill. Is anything you’ve seen thus far stranger than biting the ear off of someone, or getting a face tattoo? (Bonus: the face tattoo is the van art. Love it!) Aside from already getting a video game on the NES in the 1980s, this definitely would translate well into a new game for a new generation!

Mike Tyson Flying a Pteranodon

Mike Tyson Flying a Pteranodon. 

Norm McDonald plays a talking pigeon. Jim Rash (the Dean from Community) also plays a ghost. Rachel Ramras rounds out the main cast as Tyson’s adopted daughter. Weird enough? It’s currently airing Monday at 10:30pm on the Cartoon Network. Give it a shot!

Mike Tyson Punching Out Tentacle Monster

Mike Tyson Punching Out Tentacle Monster