Transformers: Hasbro Masterpiece MP-03 Grimlock & MP-04 Prowl

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I have broken my Masterpiece hymen. We recently attended a local collector con. I had an amount in my mind that I was allowed to spend. I also had a goal; to purchase either my first Hasbro Masterpiece figure, or to acquire a Reformatted R-01 Terminus Hexatron. (Something I’ve had my eye on for quite a while.)

The Con

So, con-veterans will know that you first make a pass of all available tables to get a feel for what’s available. The last thing you want to happen is to buy something for $175 only to happen upon a table further inside selling the same thing for $125. Then you hopefully make a few informed purchases.

Collector Con

We walk into the hall, I have a rough idea of what I’d like to walk away with in my brain. It goes right out the window as soon as I lay my eyes on MP-o3 Grimlock in all his glory. Sitting there on the top shelf at a vendor table with a big old $175 sticker on it. My knee-jerk reaction is to buy it before anyone else grabs it but I stay my hand. “Stick to the plan.” I tell myself.

Hasbro Masterpiece MP-03 Grimlock

Hasbro Masterpiece MP-03 Grimlock

We continue our initial pass through. The very next row I find a vendor selling MP-03 for… you guessed it: $125! I hear angels singing. I knew there was no way it’d get better than this. So rather than tempting fate I whipped out the wallet and the next thing I knew I was proudly walking around with that huge MP-03 box in my hands. DROOL.

The Awesome Deal

I ran it out to the car and came back to see what else would catch my eye. As far as I was concerned I had already achieved my goal for the day. I found a few more tables selling Transformers. A lot that I even wanted but I had already blew the lion’s share of my budget. I had to be careful here. After wandering a lot more, not really committing to anything, I ended up back at the same table I grabbed Grimlock.

They had a few more MP figures. So I ended up chatting with the vendors for a bit while I eye-humped the shelf. I was telling them how they sold me my first Hasbro Masterpiece figure ever! (I didn’t really chat much the first time.) The dude asked if I wanted anything else on the shelf. I told him I did but I was planning on buying the KO’s of most of them.

Hasbro Masterpiece MP-04 Prowl

Hasbro Masterpiece MP-04 Prowl

He had a Hasbro MP-04 Prowl for $80. I told him the KO is currently $45 on Amazon. We talked about it for a bit longer and finally, I took a gamble. I told him I could see myself paying $60 for that Hasbro Prowl. “Done!” he proclaims!  And suddenly I have two MP figs! Unexpected!

The Super Short Review

What a great haul. I couldn’t be happier! Clayton has the KO MP Prowl and we had fun comparing the two. Fun fact, the KO is actually slightly larger than the Hasbro fig. (Pictures to follow of our comparison. As well as reprolabels!)

My big surprise was how absolutely stunning Grimlock is. The second I took him out of the package and hefted him I knew I was holding something special. You know how older portable stereos feel expensive when they’re loaded with all of those D batteries? Well Grimlock is heavy. He has weight. Substance. A bit tricky to transform, the manuals that shipped with these only show from alt to proto form. I had to find a YouTube video for both to figure out how to get them into their alt forms.

Lots of neat features here. His sword and gun light up with a button on the back of his right arm. In dino-mode you can ratchet his jaw open and there’s a button on the cheek that makes him chomp. His eyes in both alt and proto form are changeable from red to blue. One feature I don’t really get or care for is in dino-mode, if you swivel his hips his head turns… Makes it hard to give him a right facing pose as it’s spring loaded to face left…

A couple of other small issues, his left hip joint is mega-flimsy. Makes it hard to action pose him but that’s alright since I’ll be grabbing the MP-08X Throne. His head pops off if you just look at him the wrong way and I’m worried the ball joint will eventually wear out if I fiddle with it too much. Hopefully getting shelving sometime soon where I can display him and leave him alone. The last issue I had was his autobot insignia. When you transform him into bot mode the insignia sort of pops up inside the glass encasing of his chest for some reason… I guess it’s cool. But it doesn’t pop up all the way. It’s a small thing but it bothers me.

As for Prowl, man that figure is solid. I love everything about it. All the joints are nice and stiff. His transformation is easy once you’ve done it a couple of times. The face is perfect. The shoulder doors hinge out at 45°. God, this figure is nice. Look forward to a post from me comparing his reprolabels!

The Conclusion

The photos speak for themselves. Enjoy! And look forward to more Hasbro Masterpiece (and KO!) photo galleries because I am more than sold on collecting these beauties!