Transformers Combiner Wars: Optimus Maximus, Leader Starscream, Legends Skywarp, Voyager Hot Spot & Cyclonus

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I’ve recently begun collecting Transformers Combiner Wars figures. Posted here is an album containing my week’s haul! I denied myself nothing as this is a birthday present to myself! I know I’m late to the party for TF Generations but that’s okay, this gives me something to hunt for at Expo shows.

I started off last Monday by hitting a Walmart in town and was lucky enough to find all four limbs to form Optimus Maximus. I picked those up for a decent price. I realized after some research that the white Battle Core Optimus Prime would be a little more challenging to find but later that week I completely lucked out and found two at a different Walmart in Edmonton! (After visiting many of them.) On the way home that day I also grabbed the Legends Rodimus to form his chest-plate.

While searching for BC Optimus I randomly found a Leader class Starscream on a Walmart clearance shelf for half price! Couldn’t say no to that so he joined my collection along with a Legends Skywarp. (Who I thought turned into a gun for my bigger figures but I was wrong, oh well.)

I left them all unopened as I wanted to start this collection off in style. I took an entire day off to crack a bottle of Lagavulin 16 and binge watch some TF movies. (Bayverse, it’s okay I had booze.) Opening an entire combiner and a few other awesome figures made for such a euphoric day! I had a ton of fun posing them for photos, transforming them, then posing them again.

The Rodimus chest piece didn’t stay on very well and kept falling out. Clayton sent me a link to a better way of displaying him as a chest plate and I can’t wait to try it out! This way looks way better and apparently stays in place a lot better.

Optimus Maximus was a real bitch to pose… I think my next online purchase will be a Perfect Effect kit for him as the new feet, hands, and torso pieces make him 100% more stable. Once I have this I’ll be taking new photos to show that off as well as better poses. I later also learned that I should have bent the elbows of the fig when in combined form. Live and learn.

Optimus Maximus’ limbs were all great on their own. Vehicle mode looks alright but can be made better with some Reprolabels. I really like the bot-modes for all of these Deluxe figures, especially Prowl. The cop car doors over his arms stand out pretty nicely. Voyager class Optimus Prime is pretty sweet but the paint job isn’t that great. I hope to get Reprolabels for him as well, if just for the chest window plates.

Starscream makes me want to go out and blow more money on other Leader class figures. This one is so solid and feels very deliberate in it’s transformation. I know there’s a Leader class Skywarp and Thundercracker out there. Though it’s hard to think about buying them at full price after lucking out on that Walmart Starscream. But I do love the Seekers and I’d like to have a few of them to display.

The Voyager class Cyclonus is another great jet Transformer. Not as solid as the Starscream figure but definitely beautiful. Voyager Hot Spot was about the same. I like that both of these figures are the cores for the Galvatronus and Defensor combiners. Which gives me something fun to hunt for!

All in all I had an incredible day. An incredible week with lots of highs and lows and I fell in love with the hunt! I really can’t wait to continue searching for these figures and filling out an awesome collection! Keep an eye out for more galleries as I collect.