Here’s an Unboxing of NECA’s ED-209

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Robocop ED-209 1987

So I while ago I managed to get my hands on NECA’s ED-209 figure. This figure is now discontinued, and that is a crying shame.

I managed to grab mine at $70 CAD when it was released back in 2014.

The box this beast comes in has 5 sides covered in original artwork. It’s a shame the tape has to be there, as I’m afraid if I attempt to remove it the artwork will tear.

I was surprised at how simply this was packaged. Nothing ruined by any means, I just figured there would be more.

Standing at nearly 10 inches tall, the ED-209 amazes! We have rotation on the hand turrets,elbow joints and shoulder pivots. The shoulder armor flaps up and down. The back of the right side of the head houses the sound effect button, which is pleasantly unobtrusive. The cockpit/head swivels left-to-right on the leg chassis, with it’s vertical movement being limited to the on the tiny “waist”.

The only mobility in the legs is limited to the sliding ratchet joints on the legs. Unfortunately this hinders a lot of movement and poseable stances. Where I really miss this articulation is in the toes, as now I cannot get ED-209 to crush Robocop. I guess I’ll just chalk this up to the beginning of its demise in the original film: failing at stairs.

The paint is a cool, gun-metal grey. So much attention to detail has been paid here; from the wires in the toes to the turrets to the strut mechanisms on the legs.

This is a collector’s dream come true. One of the most visually engaging movie villains, and definitely an instantly recognizable robot from the last 30 years of cinema. While the newest remake of Robocop faltered at the box office, I was intrigued by the latest re-imagining of the bot, and was pleased at it’s action sequences.

ED-209 2014

While there are few other higher end ED-209s out there, notably the Hot Toys edition, the one by NECA will proudly stand on my shelf as one of my top items in my collection!