Transformers Combiner Wars: Combaticons/Bruticus with Perfect Effect Kit & Reprolabels

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My current pride and joy. I am so in love with this bot right now. I had collected all of the Combaticons and transformed them separately but did not form Bruticus at the time. I wanted to wait, to hold the satisfaction for when the PC-09 Perfect Effect Kit and the Reprolabels came in. Finally the time came, and though I was missing Shockwave for the gun, I planned out an entire afternoon/evening of meticulously applying labels with tweezers, posing, transforming, and posing again. It was glorious.

Combaticons/Bruticus Alt Mode Comparison

Just look at these sexy fuckers.

I really love the Reprolabels. This is my first experience with them and I have to applaud their quality. Applying them took forever but I loved every minute of it. It reminded me a lot of building and painting models when I was young. The difference they make may not be incredibly evident on Bruticus but I was determined to have the best damned Bruticus I could get for my buck so I decided to start with him.

The labels for other combiners can get pretty pricey as you have to purchase them separately for each bot. Autobots tend to have a lot more detail added to them. Decepticons, being largely military vehicles without much decoration, tend to have a lot less. Thusly, I was able to buy all of the labels required for Bruticus with one purchase. To be honest, I notice the difference and I love the little touches included.

Combaticons/Bruticus Bot Mode Comparison

Subtle touches added.

After all the labels were applied and I had some decent before and after photos of the individual bots it was time to form the combiner.

Combaticons/Bruticus Comparison

The Reprolabels are much more noticeable on Bruticus. Really adds a lot of detail here.

I have to say, the Perfect Effect Kits are 100% necessary if you’re a serious collector and intend on displaying these on a shelf somewhere. The stock feet and hands that come with these figures are absolute garbage. They make the robot harder to pose than cooked spaghetti after it’s had a few beers. Additionally, individually posable fingers allow for cool shots such as this:


And without this, what is life?

One thing everyone should do before putting your Transformer on a shelf for permanent display is Google “fan mode”. Collectors are creative in their masses and come up with infinitely better ways of positioning and transforming these robots for everything from stability to just pure sexiness. Here’s is a comparison of Bruticus fan mode vs. regular mode:

Combaticons/Bruticus Fan Mode Comparison

Look at how better it is. LOOK AT IT!

The fan mode is such a huge difference. From the way his shoulders splay out to match the angles of the chest plate to being able to see the new reprolabels on his legs. I also really love how higher the guns peek out from behind him. Adding the stock feet to his waist looks fantastic and gives him more breadth. I feel like he just looks taller and more natural in this way.

At this point I can tell you I will definitely be buying more Reprolabels. This was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in awhile, it’s very meditative and enjoyable.