Alternators Optimus Prime Reprolabels Comparison

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Alternators Optimus Prime With Reprolabels Comparison!

Purchasing the Alternators Optimus Prime was a no-brainer for me back when he came out about 10 years ago. I had been out of collecting them since the early nineties.  ActionMaster Bumblebee finally allowed me to let go of the then-dying brand and move on to other things kids do when they enter their teenage years. It wasn’t until roughly 15 years later, I came across an incredibly detailed Dodge Ram SRT-10. This detailed truck had the odd distinction of bearing a Transformers logo across the box.

I was enthralled at this new line, and immediately grabbed it from the floor of a dingy Canadian Zellers store for $24.99.

After getting this home, I was dejected at what a bitch he was to get back to his proper-fitting original position. I could get it to the point where the hood would clip in to the front, yet it would be raised at the windshield. Frustration ensued, and it pissed me off to the point that I left him in bot-mode in a bin. He looked like a KO version of a real truck model.

Oddly enough I came across the Reprolabels while looking for display background sets at Looking at how amazing a clean-up job they did to an already great figure mold, I pounced on them. With the help of the internet I was determined, to get this OP looking sexy.

Until this photo set a decade later, I discovered I wasn’t pushing his arms in all the way into his shoulders. As well I found out that his legs extended and retracted! Pushing the legs in (an unnoticeable amount in my opinion) took enough force that I didn’t believe it didn’t shatter the figure. But sure enough it went, and for the first time I had a completed, properly transformed truck. You can see my screw-ups on the “before set”.  I also forgot to flip down the grill/belt in bot-mode, as well as fold the seats down.

But what a breath-taking difference! Alternators Optimus will now feature prominently in my shelf now, although he will stay in truck-mode. You can get the Alternators Optimus Prime Reprolabels set here.

Also of note: The guys at Toyhax were great with customer service. My first set of labels did not fully print out correctly, and they sent me new ones without any hassle at all. I will definitely be getting more from them (in addition to the others I’ve already received and applied)! Next labels to purchase will be the Alternators Meister set, making him the perfect stand-in until we get our MP Jazz!