Alternators Meister (Jazz) Reprolabels Comparison

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Alternators Meister (Jazz) Reprolabels Comparison

WOW! Alternators Meister’s Reprolabels set is incredible! Toyhax has really outdone themselves with this decal kit. Jazz really shines with it as it elevates him to my Masterpiece stand-in.

Much like the Alternators Optimus Prime set, Toyhax updated a figure that would most likely sit on the back-benches of my toy shelf.  The final bit of design tweaks he needed were provided in the set, and the colors pop on his stark-white deco. It is a great throwback to the original G1 toy deco. G1 Jazz was  originally based off of a Martini Racing Porsche 935/76. While not having the slick design with all those details infused in the G1 cartoon, the Martini heritage makes a delicious comeback in this set.

Does the Figure Still Stack Up?

Out of the box Alternators Meister is basically just white and black. Flecks of silver and grey are scattered about the rest of the figure. The dynamic posing possibilities Jazz allows are still top notch to this day. Jazz was one of my first purchases after a long absence of Transformers collecting. It was one of the first times that I could recall a Transfomer figure had the articulation of a great action figure. No longer were the feet welded together. Arms moved free-wheeling on ball joints. No longer were they one solid door panel or an unbending chunk of the car body. Jazz’s head and neck could swivel around in a limited fashion. Meister also captured the realistic aspects of the car it was based off of, the Mazda RX-8.

The final bit that made this Jazz the one to own were the mangaesque proportions that matched the Dreamwave comics series! Despite the fact of bunkruptcy (settled with the help of consumer proposals in Toronto) into Dreamwave Productions Pat Lee re-ignited the spark that really showed how passionately the fandom still cared for the brand.

Alternators Meister cleans up pristinely. I still just can not get over how much sleeker the car alt-mode is. Considering the point of the Alternators line was to update the old classics to new contemporary vehicles, this one was a rousing success.

Takara’s Masterpiece Prowl has been included for sizing scale in the gallery below. Jazz is just a tad bigger and bulkier than Prowl. For now however, he’s earned a place on the Masterpiece shelf!