A before and after comparison of the Reprolabels set for the Alternators Meister (Jazz)!

Alternators Meister (Jazz) Reprolabels Comparison

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Alternators Meister (Jazz) Reprolabels Comparison WOW! Alternators Meister’s Reprolabels set is incredible! Toyhax has really outdone themselves with this decal kit. Jazz really shines with it as it elevates him to my Masterpiece stand-in. Much like the Alternators Optimus Prime set, Toyhax updated a figure that would most likely sit on the back-benches of my toy shelf.  The final bit of design tweaks …

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Transformers: Hasbro Masterpiece MP-03 Grimlock & MP-04 Prowl

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I have broken my Masterpiece hymen. We recently attended a local collector con. I had an amount in my mind that I was allowed to spend. I also had a goal; to purchase either my first Hasbro Masterpiece figure, or to acquire a Reformatted R-01 Terminus Hexatron. (Something I’ve had my eye on for quite a while.) The Con So, …


Alternators Optimus Prime Reprolabels Comparison

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Alternators Optimus Prime With Reprolabels Comparison! Purchasing the Alternators Optimus Prime was a no-brainer for me back when he came out about 10 years ago. I had been out of collecting them since the early nineties.  ActionMaster Bumblebee finally allowed me to let go of the then-dying brand and move on to other things kids do when they enter their teenage …


Transformers Combiner Wars: Combaticons/Bruticus with Perfect Effect Kit & Reprolabels

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My current pride and joy. I am so in love with this bot right now. I had collected all of the Combaticons and transformed them separately but did not form Bruticus at the time. I wanted to wait, to hold the satisfaction for when the PC-09 Perfect Effect Kit and the Reprolabels came in. Finally the time came, and though …


Transformers Combiner Wars: Leader Ultra Magnus, Thundercracker, Skywarp , Voyager Sky Lynx, Deluxe Groove

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I’m a couple of posts behind since I’ve made a few purchases so this gallery is from a week or two ago. My collection continues with the additions of Combiner Wars Leader Ultra Magnus, Thundercracker, Skywarp , Voyager Sky Lynx, Deluxe Groove. My extreme luck continues as I was able to snag Leader Ultra Magnus from the Toys R Us …


Transformers Combiner Wars: Optimus Maximus, Leader Starscream, Legends Skywarp, Voyager Hot Spot & Cyclonus

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I’ve recently begun collecting Transformers Combiner Wars figures. Posted here is an album containing my week’s haul! I denied myself nothing as this is a birthday present to myself! I know I’m late to the party for TF Generations but that’s okay, this gives me something to hunt for at Expo shows. I started off last Monday by hitting a Walmart …

Mike Tyson Cock Punching a Chupacabra

Mike Tyson Mysteries! Why Have I Not Heard of You Until Now?

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Mike Tyson Mysteries! Why did I not hear of you until now? As I was wandering about the internet, I came across this strikingly strange image. Mike Tyson dick-punching a chupacabra in the balls. What kind of nuttery is this? The sheer absurdity of this is something to be proud of. As an Adult Swim animated vehicle, you can expect the …

Jessica Chobot as Samus Aran.

Jessica Chobot Stars As Samus Aran In A Short Live-Action Metroid Film

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So this happened! Rainfall Films and director Sam Balcomb have created a live-action short starring Jessica Chobot, host of Nerdist News, and America Young, Halo 5, set in the Metroid universe. From Rainfall Films: “The classic Nintendo franchise, Metroid, envisioned through the lens of 60s-70s science fiction cinema such as 2001, Alien, and Solaris: this was the concept for Rainfall’s most …